meet the owner

The creative force behind this retail innovation is 'shoe boss', Coryne Rich. The daughter of an entrepreneur, Coryne grew up knowing one day she would launch a unique concept that would encompass her passion to innovate. She is a 2002 graduate of Texas A&M University and spent her first 9 years out of college working in sales and marketing in the corporate environment. Shoe Bar was born out of the desire to own her own business so in 2011 she quit her corporate gig not knowing exactly what was next. The concept for Shoe Bar is the product of a creative process derived from the knowledge that she was passionate about two things, shoes and travel. The light bulb moment came about a year after she took the leap in a conversation with a friend.  A fellow entrepreneur, her friend suggested that she just had to get in shoe game. He said, what if you did like Mary Kay parties but with shoes. That was it! Coryne had the idea. Replying, NO, what if I had a mobile boutique and I could do private events but I could also set up every day of the week all around the City and sell shoes that way. A Mobile Boutique. Shoe Bar was born. In business since 2013, Coryne continues to grow the concept and has her eyes set on taking the concept nationwide in the near future bringing 'heel on wheels' and this unique social concept to women all over!

Coryne is married to her best friend from High School. After losing touch for 14 years, they reconnected to live happily ever after in 2012. She is step-mother to three and they welcomed their own little girl into the world in 2014. The heiress to the Shoe Bar throne!